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A different type of makeup trend is seen in different parts of the world such as Asian makeup, Western makeup and Arabic makeup. Makeup style has changed due to the religion, customs and climates.

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Here, we are going to discuss about Arabic Makeup. It is a very exciting makeover. Arabic women are famous for their big eyes and the way they enhance their beauty with the amazing makeup skills.

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Arabic woman or girl likes to do dark makeup on any function or party and especially on her wedding day. Dark makeup suits on her complexion and beautiful eyes.

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Colors in Arabic Makeup :

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You will find a lot of shimmer and dark shades in Arabic makeup. Metallic shimmering colors like golden, silver, black, blue, dark green, purple and pink etc. Use the shades of colors that belong to the same family.

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The overall look is very glamorous and sophisticated. Arabic makeup is all about dramatic eyes, shimmering cheeks and subtle lips.

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Importance of Eyes in Arabic Makeup :


Eyes are very important, attractive and visible part of human face. So, eye makeup is most essential for Arabic bride.

Significance of Makeup Brushes :

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Arabic makeup is about using the right tools in the right manner. Make sure that you have a best quality cosmetic kit and brushes. Use of appropriate brushes also plays an  important role in any makeup.

Base :

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After proper cleansing, prime your skin with concealer, foundation and face powder. Contour your face to enhance your features. Your skin should look flawless and free from any blemishes, scars, uneven skin tone and dark eye circles.

Eye Makeup :

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This is the most important part of Arabic bridal makeup. After using eye primer, apply a matte shade of medium brown eye shadow on the crease of your eyes only, not around it. It will give the depth of your eyes.

Then pick lighter eye shadow, for example off white, pearl, silver and apply it in inner corner of your eyes to dramatize and make them stand out more. Now take golden or some other shimmery shade and apply it on the center of your eyelid, move out to the surrounding area in a light motion to make sure that the shade is applied evenly. Then take a bronze shade apply in near the outer corner of your eyes. Now turn to black eye shadow and apply it on the outer corner in cat-eye or winged shape just like smokey eyes, and blend these shades softly.

Eyeliner and Mascara :

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Apply a thicker line of eyeliner, always in black, in cat-eye or winged style. Make sure to extend the line on both end a little bit longer. Use a liquid liner for maximum effect. Finish off by applying fake eye lashes. Apply double coat of mascara to curl them.

Highlighter :

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Apply it to your brow bone right along in the bottom of your eye brow. Blend well so the colors look seamless yet defined.

Blush-on :

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Matte blush seems more natural but you can also go with something shimmer. Apply some highlighter on the top of your cheekbone  to make them stand out and shine. Then take a shade of soft pink blush and apply it on your cheeks.

  • Using a glitter blush-on shade can make you look darker and unnecessary highlighter can look very cakey. There should be very soft and subtle highlights on cheeks, do not have a lot of glitter.

Lips :

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Apply lip concealer before applying lipstick to make it stable for long hours.

Use a very light shade of lip liner to outline the lips and gave it a define shape. Using a similar shade of lipstick, apply the light base on overall lips. Pick a shade of pink or peach to apply and add a little bit of nude gloss on the lower lips without making them too dark.

  • Do not use dark shade of lipstick with dark eye makeup, this will give a very bold, heavy and unnatural look.

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But instead of this, I must say that choice is all yours because this is your day,  happiness and your satisfaction is priceless. Stay blessed !!!

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