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A wedding is supposed to be a great event in everyone’s life. It is a very memorable day especially for girls. On that special day, a “princess” of her Father is going to be a “Queen” of her Husband (this is every girl’s most precious dream!). Marriage or getting married is actually a “dream comes true” moments.

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Every girl wishes that she looks perfect on her wedding day, for this , after selecting an appropriate wedding dress, you need suitable makeup. Every woman wants to get ready in a perfect way leaving no details skipped.

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Every woman is conscious about her beauty and look. On her day, a girl should look totally different in her bridal dress and makeup.


Dress :

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  • Use dark and bright colors/ shades like red, maroon, orange, plum, fuchsia, magenta, emerald or bottle green and royal blue for main day.


  • Some brides even look gorgeous in fawn and golden shades also, depends upon the individual’s choice , style and selection of dress, makeup and jewelry that how much these elements compliment and harmonize artistically with each other.

Makeup Looks:

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Basically there are three types of bridal makeup:

  1. Bright and dark makeup is known as traditional look.
  2. Trendy and modern style is called model look.
  3. Expert wedding looks are trendy and modern.

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Usually brides like to wear heavy makeup on baraat event and they want soft look on walima ceremony.


Lets talk about some helpful and useful tips for bridal makeover:


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  • Always use those colors of nail paint and lipstick which match your outfits.
  • If the color of bride’s dress is dark then she should apply light shades on eyes and lips.
  • Use bright shades of makeup with light colored outfits.



Remember that clean and clear skin looks more beautiful and youthful. Your skin cleansing plan should be effective and worked on that big day so that you look fresh with glowing complexion.

Base and Contouring :

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Different women have different skin types so your foundation should be closely match to your skin tone. Apply it all over your face, neck, hands and arms.

Try to do a fine contouring on nose and cheek bones because it plays very important to enhance your features.

Face Shape :

face shape

  • As every woman has different features and face-cut, so remember that applying blush-on, you or your beautician must consider the face shape. So, the process of applying blush-on is different for different faces.
  • Never forget your nose shape.

Eye Makeup :

eye makeup

  • Primer is strongly recommended for stay longer eye makeup.

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  • Keep the colors of dress highlighted in the eye shades.
  • Apply eyeliner according to the shape of your eyes.


  • All styles of applying eyeliner and mascara techniques are famous these days. False eye lashes are also common.
  • Don’t over plucked your eye brows.

bride with rich jwelry

  • If you wish to try with the smokey makeup look on the baraat day, then you can acquire this look by using any shade like pink, blue, green, purple, copper, gold and so on.

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  • Some other common shades of makeup for baraat are peach, light orange, lilac and so on.

light color red lips

  • You can even add a touch of shimmer and glitter to make your eye makeup rich and glamorous.

Lipstick :

smokey eye makeup red bride

Your lips should be soft and well moisturized. Apply base coat before applying lipstick. Use lip pencil to make outline and fill the lip color with the help of lip brush. Add a little touch of lip gloss. Avoid using matte lipsticks.

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