Basic Gardening Tips

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On my eight birthday, my most loving parents have bought a very functional gift for me; a”Garden Set”.
At that time, I started “learning” gardening.

A garden is a great teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift;
above all it teaches entire trust.”

OMG ! It was a great experience, full of pleasure and turned out into a delightful activity.

Now I fully understand that every work is based on creativity and gardening is full of creative elements that give excitement and relaxation.

Though gardening requires patience, labor and attention but at the same time it prolongs the level of contentment and satisfaction. I learned through it that “commitment” is the most important attitude of life.

One of the great reasons of gardening is just being closer to the land. Deep rooted plants are stronger enough to survive in any environmental disaster; same as human being, firm based, strong and durable foundation is a must
to encounter the unpleasant situations.

Here we share some effective basic gardening tips for the beginners :

  1. Plants will do best if they are well-suited to your growing area.
  2. Pick the right fruit/vegetable/flower/shrub according to the season. You must have sufficient knowledge about what to grow and when.
  3. Healthy seed is a must.
  4. Prepare container in a right way before planting. Empty product container require punch drainage holes in the bottom to prevent the excess of water that is harmful for plant roots.
  5. Choose the right potting soil and fertilizer for your land.
  6. Salads grow fast and quickly so it is suggested to learn from easy to advance level. Growing salads is an easiest way to learn and achieve a gardening task successfully.
  7. Sun light is very important but in a certain temperature and time duration. In some cases, you would have to shift plants under the shades.
  8. Milk, jug, soda bottles and other plastic containers make great mini-covers to place over your plants around the garden to help repel insects.
  9. Over watering is worst than under watering. It is easier to relieve a dry plant than to dry out drowned roots.
  10. Grouping containers (planters) together create a more humid climate for the plants and reducing moisturizer loss from leaves.
  11. For succulents, water sparingly only when the top soil is completely dry, about every ten days.
  12. When selecting plant for container, be very selective, it is important to keep the plant’s mature size and growth rate in mind.

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