Best blush colors for dark skin

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Everybody want to look fresh because they want to see fresh in everything. Fresh looking face is the symbol of good health. To acquire this look, blush plays an important role and complete your makeover.
By using following tips, we hope you will be satisfied in this regard:

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Blush Brush:
Invest in good quality makeup brushes. The right tools can not only last for years but also help you achieve your desired look.

Skin Cleansing:

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Makeup is always applied better when the skin is completely clean and fresh. So cleanse your face with quality products.

Skin Tone:

In selecting your blush color, most important factor is your skin tone. So always remember your skin tone and buy that shade that looks natural on your face and enhance the beauty of your cheek bones.
Remember one thing ! that choosing a right blush color for your face is same as choosing perfect lipstick color.

Tips and Tricks:

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1. Blend your blusher or bronzer into your foundation, as otherwise it has a tendency of looking un-natural.
2. Make gel and cream blushes last all day by setting them with a translucent powder.
3. You can also create a natural shine on your cheeks by applying a little bit of neutral colored shimmer lip gloss also.
4. Always allow about two fingers from your nose to where the blush starts.

According to the range of dark skin tone or dark complexion, we discuss here the right choice of blush colors:bronzerLight:
For light range of complexion, use pale peach, coral, light pink and light bronze.

For medium dark skinned range, peach,  bronze, light to medium pink light red are best.

For dark skinned tone,  bronze, red, deep pink to fuchsia and plum are waiting for you.

Powder blush or Cream blush?

pink blushFor normal to oily skin type, use powder blush; while normal to dry skin can adjust with powder as well as creams.
There is some specific blush colors that look fabulous on dark skin tone:


bronzer 2
Bronzer is a good companion of dark skin. You can also use bronzer as a  blush and have it look like a natural highlighter. It is perfect to achieve shine, shimmer or glowing effect on your cheeks.

Rosy Pink:

rosy pink
Rosy glow pink looks amazing on dark skin. It bring out healthy glow on your whole face. You can choose different shades of pinks best suited to your skin tone. But for true healthy and cheerful look, petal pink is always there.


Peachy coral and a bit of orange with shimmer and shine will give you gorgeous and glamorous  look and make you centre of attraction.

Bright Apricot:
apricot blush

This shade is better in matte finishing for dark skinned women as it is truly bright pop of colors.

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