Best lipstick colors for blondes

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Women for blonde hair and fair skin are lucky as they can use any lipstick color including warm, rich and dark. Blondes look gorgeous in bright and colorful lipsticks as well as neutral colors. The fact is that lipstick colors for women with blonde hair vary on different factors due to the shade of their hair color, skin tone, eye color, teeth color, lip size, age, time of the day and lighting also effect and compliment each other.

Basic lipstick colors :

best orange lips blonde

There are following basic lip colors:

  • Warm : peach, orange, coral.
  • Cold : pink shades.
  • Neutral : beige,  brown, terracotta.


Matte colors are more effective in dark colors, while light colors can be made luminescent  with gloss.

Lip size :

As far as the lip size is concerned , go lighter if you have thin lips and go darker if your lips are full.

Age :

aged blonde

For teenagers, light shades of lipstick colors are right choice. Young women can use rich lip colors while mature ones can use dark but don’t go for fleshy or vulgar; pastel lipstick colors are best for them.

Lighting :

Cold lighting : In cold lighting such as winter sky and neon light, avoid cold lipstick colors.
Warm lighting : In warm lighting for example yellow bulbs and candles, avoid brown lipstick shades.

Teeth :

pink lip blonde

With yellowish teeth avoid using  purple, brown, or bright red as these bright colors can sometimes make the teeth look yellow. Opt orange, natural pinks and very soft red with a touch of clear gloss.

Blondes are different :

red lip blonde

  • Ash blondes : rich wine colors , merlot.
  • Lightest hair color : bright tones.
  • Fair hair and skin : Avoid luscious colors ranging from cranberry to mauve.
  • Rich golden blondes : Use colors as ripe as the piece of fruit in the sun, peach, apricot and coral.
  • Burnished gold to brass hair : Apricot, peach and coral but after blotting the excess color use clear lip gloss to look fresh and shine.
  • Olive skin blondes and tan : Muted colors like dark peach, light brown, rust with a touch of gloss.
  • Blondes with blue eyes : Red lipstick but with very light and soft eye makeup.
  • Medium blondes : rich fruity shades like peach, apricot and coral.

Brownish Nude Lipstick :

neutral lip blond

Just a shade paler than your natural lip color. Apply several layers of nude lipstick and finally top with lip gloss.

Shimmer lip gloss :


In the end, if you are still confused to select the right lip color for your lips and you are not satisfied, then do one thing ; after completing your makeup just apply simply , clear shimmer lip gloss on your lips. It will certainly add glamour to your simplicity with natural gleam.

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