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From the top of the fluffy, creamy, yummy birthday cake, candles brighten the endless series of several cheerful occasions throughout your life. Candles bring light, warmth, relaxation and comfort around you.

Candles create an element of liveliness in your surrounding which results in a sense of more enjoyment among family get together.

It’s warm glow is the symbol of excitement and is a great source of expression and a heartwarming welcoming environment for the loved ones.

Candles can be used for different occasions. And when it comes to scented or perfumed candles, they not only freshen the places but also enlightened the whole mood.

We can say that candles bring romance, elegance, style and add up an enchanting touch to the interior and fill the space with a pleasant aroma and shine.

Candles are actually one of the most impressive ways to home decorations. Not only for guests but for yourself too.

You can arrange candles in different styles and in a suitable, appropriate manner.

No matter where you decide to use candles, keep in mind their colors and shapes to match the color scheme of your bed room, living room, kitchen, stair hall, entrance, study room, office or even in your bath room.

For different occasions, you can arrange them in contemporary or vintage style.

Modern theme based arrangements give a feeling of contentment, harmony and compatibility with the existed time period.

Just a little bit of style brings lots of remarkable change in ordinary life routine.

Types of Candles :

There is a huge variety of trendy and decorative candles available for home decor; such as:


Ice candles, sand candles, floating candles, bees wax candles, travel candles, Gel candles, scented/perfumed candles, printed candles, music note candles, Henna candles, shimmering candles, Pyramid Candle, wrap with cinnamon stick candles, bamboo candles, chunk candles, flower candles, candles in bottle/glass, swirled-sting candles etc.

Candle Arrangement for Different Occasion :

Weddings :

  • Western Style ( according to the specific theme)

  • South Asian Wedding ( especially on the occasion of ” Mehndi/Mayoon”)

  • Persian Wedding ( Sofreh Aghd )

Valentine’s Day :

  • Red Celebration :

  • Pink Celebration :

Eid Day :

Henna Candles :

Christmas Candles :

Candle Light Dinner :

Birthday Parties :


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