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Some talents are obvious and some are hidden and sometimes remained undiscovered and silent. The fact is that God has granted special and specific abilities to every human being. Each person is talented in this regard.

In other words, we can say that anyone can be creative with thoughtful ideas though different people may have different talents.

Once you open up the door to possibility, you’ll be amazed that how incredibly an idea turns to experiment and shows you marvelous results.

Gardening is an art and art is associated with creativity. Creativity can also help lower stress and anxiety and improve your life style.

“Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get some tomatoes”_ Unknown Author.

Gardening is an art based on Nature. It creates a balance between inner and outer world. Though depression affects creative abilities to some extent but in my case, I found that being creative might be a remedy and can help to get rid of the feelings of frustration. So, in this sense gardening is absolutely cheaper thanĀ  therapy.

We share some of the creative planters ideas for your garden. Hope you would like those planters that make your garden beautiful and also reflect your skills and talent.

Catch in a ” Cage” :

You “Can” add colors !

From the land of Mermaid :

A message in the “Bottle” :

Drum Beat :

Kettle Battle :

Green Bulbs :

Flowers spilled out :

Stand in my “Shoes” :

Grown in a Teacup :

Toy Truck :

Ringo-Bingo :

“Tin” Power Plant :

Hi, I am nature inspired, family oriented foodie person; born to enhance hidden beauties. Arts amaze me and colors fascinate me. Mouth watering aroma of delicious cuisine, smell of cosmetics and perfumes add to my creative abilities. I like instrumental music, KDramas and Thai Lakorns. I love to travel around the world. I found every face beautiful. Just add a pinch of style and rock on the heart throbs. WISH TO BE STYLISH!

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