Effective makeup tips for Black Women

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Nature is beautiful.God has created diversity in this world.In fact variety and diversity is the beauty of Nature.So as is color Black,which is the symbol of charm,attraction and possesses high appeal of uniqueness and sobriety.Now we focused on some makeup related tips for “bold & beautiful”black women.These effective makeup tips are:



Remember!Using the right color for your skin tone takes a basic makeup look enhance it dramatically.Yellow based foundations work best for women with darker skin.Natural light is best for testing your foundation.Blending is most important.There should be no visible boundary between.You can mix two shades to acquire your desired shade according to your skin tone.When searching for brown and bronze,brown and copper compliment.A touch of shimmer will highlight cheekbones nicely.


It should be in right shade as your foundation.It’s finishing is also important.You should use powder to prevent oily effect on T-zones of your face such as forehead,chin and nose area.


Another most useful and effective makeup weapon,every women should apply it skilfully,is concealer.It proved be your true friend as it hides blemishes on skin.It should be in right shade.



Earth tone,natural pink and dark burgundy are your best lipstick colors.You can also apply a dash of light lip gloss if required.It would gives you best results if go with some darker or richer colors.



Shimmering or metallic eye shadows can look amazing on your eyes.You can also mix two complimentary colors golden and purple,it will gives your eyes mesmerizing look.The darker your skin the brighter the colors you can putt on.Find eye shadows with good pigmentation,it shows up beautifully on your skin.


eye liner

Use black or dark brown eye liner to enhance the shape of your eye.It will gives you natural look.You can use these colors on regular basis,anywhere and on any occasion.


false lashes Mascars

Black mascara is perfect for your eyes.It will brighten you eyes.You can also use false lashes but this act should be carried out very skilful.


Makeup Tips For Black Women

Bricks and deeper brown red are great for your cheeks.These shades looked fresh on your face and easily blend or smudge with our own skin tone.




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