Eid Makeup for Day and Night

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Eid-ul-Fitr :

Eid-ul-Fitr is an important religious festival celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting.

Chaand-Raat :


Once the moon is sighted at the end of the last day of Ramadan, to spot the new moon, which signals the arrival of the new Islamic month of Shawaal, people wish each other “Chaand-Raat Mubarak!” (Have a blessed night of new moon!)

Mehndi/Henna :

eid henne    87687

On that enchanted night, everyone is getting busy in “pre-Eid” preparations enthusiastically. Women and girls decorate their hands with”mehndi”(Henna). It is the most exclusive tradition for women of all age..

Glass Bangles/Chooriyan :

345454    EidGlassBangles

As millions of Muslims all over the world celebrate this great event passionately, so women belong to south-Asian countries are keenly interested to wear matching glass bangles (chooriyan) in both of their arms. It is the most important Eid accessory item also.

“Sheer-Khurma”(Milky Vermicelli) :

sheer khurma

People get busy in preparing specific dessert for Eid morning that is called “sheer-Khurma”. Its a kind of sweet milky spaghetti or sweet milky vermicelli.

It is a religious ritual to eat sweet in Eid breakfast.

Eidi :

eidi for kids

The amount of money elders give to their children, siblings and loved ones is known as “Eidi”. Especially Kids are really exited to gather Eidi without which the Eid is supposed incomplete.

All relatives, friends, family members and neighbors meet each other after offer Eid prayers in Mosque and wish heartedly Eid greetings. Each family or a person is likely to be a “host” as well as a “guest” on Eid occasion. The whole environment is filled with happiness and contentment.

Bride’s First Eid :

eid day 3

Especially for the newly married brides, after wedding her firs Eid is thought to be a very important event and throughout her life remains memorable. Though she is considered the most lovable person on that occasion but at the same time she becomes very conscious regarding her arrival in a new family and her new responsibilities. Like her wedding day, she is truly the center of attraction on her first Eid day also.

So, here we introduced you two different type of makeovers : one is for Eid day and other is for Eid night.

Eid Makeup for Day:


Being a newly married bride, it is obvious that your Eid dress would have a little bit of glitter and a may be a sort of some “Bling-Bling” sparkle even if the color of your dress is light, soft or subtle. So, keep in mind that your day time makeup always demands “less is more”.

eid day makeup2 eid day makeup

Your skin should look fresh, neat and clean. Use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. You can also apply concealer and a little bit of face powder where necessary.

Eye brows should be well plucked and in proper shape,  must apply eye brow pencil to define the shape. Eye liner on upper eyelid only and a coat of mascara is enough; but if you like, can also apply “kajal” or black kohl pencil inside and outside your eyes as per your choice.


A very light stroke of peach or pink shade powdered blush-on will give you healthy and fresh look. Avoid pearl colors.

To look different than normal routine makeup, apply dark or fresh lip colors such as cool tones of red, coral, pinks or plum. Avoid making dark outline or lip gloss.

Eid Makeup for Night:

eid nite mkup   night mkup 2

Your skin should be flawless; no uneven skin tone or blemishes to be seen. It should be as clean and clear as a dew. Hide your dark circles properly with the help of concealer.

Enhance your eye makeup. Well plucked, proper shaped and well defined eye brows is a must. Smokey eyes or any kind of eye shading well blended, with a little touch of glitter and dark kohl pencil that smudged softly on your eyelids will make you noticeable. You can also apply colored eye liner on upper and lower eyelids; copper colored liquid eyeliner compliments all.

Apply blush-on with a touch of shimmer. It is recommended to apply nude shades of lip color suitable to your skin tone. Apply clear lip gloss in the middle of your lower lip.

Your traditional jewellery, especially ear rings will compliment your whole look.



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