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Look into my eyes; and tell me! …..  am I not beautiful???

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Green eyes are the most fascinating eyes in the world. There are number of different shades of green that mesmerize others through depth and beauty. Above all, be sure to assess the color of your eye correctly as different shades of Jade, Teal or Olive Greens tend to look better with distinct eye shadows or eye liners.

Here are some specific eye shades for specific green-eyed blondes.

Dark Green Eyes

green shdw

Best eye shades for dark green eyes are dark browns, bronze and moss.

Teal or Turquoise Eyes


It would be better to go from light to mid ranged toned eye shadows.

Soft and Subtle Look



This is a bit romantic, every day look. It appears with simple and soft expressions. Use pale to medium eye shades,medium liner, pearl, shimmer and matte for formulas for soft pretty look. Avoid pigments as these are often better for dramatic look.

Lighter Hair / Skin

strbry blond

Light reddish or strawberry blondes look gorgeous in light purple shades, teals, tans, taupe, peaches and greys.
These eye shades will surely compliment green eyes.

Medium Hair

earthy tone

Auburn and red hair with green eyes must try neutral bronze, medium purple and plums, gold and copper hues, light cocoa and burnt shades.

Dark Hair

gray mavve

Brunettes and dark haired can go for any shades of purple, medium greens and greys.

Dark skin and hair


Medium brown, mauve and teals are best shades.

  • Avoid silver shades. Gold with earthy brown or dark green eye shadow look fabulous.
  • For eye liner, choose chocolate brown and espresso or grey. Avoid black eye liner.
  • Mascara should be in brown color as it creates natural look and will harmonize the whole eye makeup.



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