Fall Winter Makeup

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Sweetie ! Would you like to have some cappuccino while you’re sitting on the bench under the maple tree? The aroma of cinnamon and pine filled in the air.Are you listening to the voice of dry crackled leaves under your feet?


O’ yes ! Fall has arrived. It is the season of fall of your worries, sorrows, tears and fears. This is a very positive symbol of autumn. It is the season of predictions; of your upcoming happiness. Autumn leads to spring, my love ! have faith.


Now get ready to add some glory of cheers and shine to make these days very special and memorable. For this purpose we are going to share about Fall/ winter as well as autumn makeup trends and styles.

When we talk about colors of this peculiar season, mustard, camel, golden and browns come to our mind.


As far as the style is concerned, winter sunshine makeup, autumn night makeup, burning autumn makeup, stunning winter’s look and fantasy autumn makeovers should be kept in view.

Lips :


The most important part fall/winter makeup trend is dark vamp lips. Very dark lips ! Lip color is much more blackened almost purplish¬† instead of redish. Black cherry and black currant truly compliments the ” Gothic” look.

Eyes :


Eye Brows :


Thick natural dark eye brow is a must to balance the dark bold lips. Natural, big, thick brows with defined arches, filled with extra pencil strokes. It is also recommended to use a bit of gel to hold the brows in proper shape.

Eye Shades :


A mix of matte and metallic is to be seen. Never ignore the value and impact of shine. Copper eye shadow and shimmer, red eye shadow, sunset colors or any colored glitter are presents for adventurers. You can also give smokey look with brow-bone high lighter or glitter to compliment the Gothic look.

Liner :



Black eye liner which is lightly smudged looks mesmerizing.

Mascara :


Thick mascara on top as well as bottom eye lashes and curl it to produce a thick, doll like fringe or it may look like “Spider Lashes” or we can say “Twiggy” eye lashes to be obtained.

Cheeks :


Glowing warm cheeks and radiant face is required to achieve this  fall look. The element of shining, glowing skin with the help of glitter will completes everything looks super fresh and alive. Finishing is creamy, neither glossy nor matte. Peach tones of blush illuminate cheeks and enhance the whole winter look.



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