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At least one thing is common between me and William Wordsworth that we both are true lovers of NATURE.
I am highly inspired by Nature.

Flowers are one of the most beautiful creature of God and a ” miniature art” of Nature. I always admire its colors, smell and its lot of variety and try to bring this amusing piece of natural art around me, especially into my house.

I believe in that  HOME is where the heart is; and heart is where the love is…..and where there is love, there would be flowers too.

The power of FLOWER should never be under estimated because :

” Flowers always make people better and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”

( Luther Burbank)

There are various expressions associated and derived with their colors and arrangements. So, the art of flower arrangement enhancing the natural beauty of flowers with skillful manner and individual’s own creative ability as well as the specific personality. It is an important part of any occasion.

Flower arrangements are made of fresh cut flowers, dried flowers, silk, paper, tissue, different kind of doughs, glass and so many other artificial stuff. It depends upon your choice and demand.

Flower arrangements beautifies houses and offices alike. They add colors to your surrounding and keep air refreshing and fragrant through out. That is why flowers symbolizes delicacy (touch), colors (sight) and sweet smell (feeling) at the same time.

The way you arrange flowers, their colors, size and especially when and where you arrange them in a certain manner, impact a strong effect on your mind, mood and behavior and boosts energy to do work more better and willingly.

Usually there are three styles of flower arrangements in the world of floral art :

  1. Oriental flower arrangements :

The emphasis is on the lines in the floral arrangement.

     2. Traditional / western Flower Arrangements :

The emphasis is on the use of many flowers as a mass in the floral art.

      3. Modern Flower arrangement :

No hard  and fast rules at all. It is based on the taste of the floral designer and is more close to the Oriental style flower arrangement than Traditional or Western style flower arrangement.

Actually, the art of flower arrangement originates from China and expands to Japan and Korea.

Chinese flower arrangement is inspired by the philosophy of ” harmony between man and Nature”.

The beauty of Nature and composition of Chinese flower arrangement is quite different from the decorative western style.

The Chinese were the first to put water in a container of cut flowers.

The Japanese culture expanded flower arrangement into a meditative practice which has its roots in beliefs and philosophies.

The most common and popular Japanese style floral art comprises of two basic floral arrangements:

  1. Ikebana :

Ikebana is a disciplined rt form in which the arrangement is a living thing where Nature and humanity are brought together. It is steeped in the philosophy of of developing a closeness with Nature.

    2. Moribana :

Moribana refers to one of the classic expressions Japanese flower arrangement Ikebana. The word ” Moribana”  means ” piled up flowers”.

Flowers looked beautiful not outside the house; such as in the gardens, balcony, terrace, around the doors and windows or alongside the footpaths or near the fountains but also fascinate us inside the house.

Flowers can be places on the tables of different rooms, racks, corners, entrance, walls even in the windows of bathrooms or on the top of refrigerator ( just like vintage or rustic style).

flowers are also arranged in a delightful manner.

you can kept flowers in so many simple objects like egg shells, old Tyre, wooden box shelf, empty disposable bottles, teacups, tins or cans, kettles, jars, glasses and plastic jars too.

Flower arrangement is not only a hobby abut it is an art, a God-gifted creative ability in itself which gives contentment, pleasure and a chance to relief from so many worries and improves the tendency to think better to overcome the obstacles we have  in your life.

As much as we remain close to Nature, the more we will be able to stay peaceful and feeling blessed and satisfied.

In my personal opinion, I consider it an attitude; a behavior towards happiness, being lively and of course leading to a cheerful yet delightful life style that brings positivity around us.

Nature taught us so many lessons and one of them is as under :

” Flowers don’t worry about how they are going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that make them beautiful” ( Jim Carrey)

Hi, I am nature inspired, family oriented foodie person; born to enhance hidden beauties. Arts amaze me and colors fascinate me. Mouth watering aroma of delicious cuisine, smell of cosmetics and perfumes add to my creative abilities. I like instrumental music, KDramas and Thai Lakorns. I love to travel around the world. I found every face beautiful. Just add a pinch of style and rock on the heart throbs. WISH TO BE STYLISH!

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