Gardening for Small Spaces

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Nature has always remained a great source of inspiration for me. Nature motivates me to put up my ideas in the practical world of reality. As nature has never been disappointing to me, so I believe in its rules. To maintain your physical and mental health it is most important to be in touch or connected with nature.

And there is nothing like being on your knees, in the soil, digging deep. Yup ! you can learn everything from nature, everything is feeling better when you got out in a garden and spread weeds around you.

Gardening is full of creative elements and creativeness is associated with self-reflection.

Especially when look around your house and you couldn’t found much space to implement your ideas related to ” Dig Art”. Here, in limited resources the factor of being creative rises more than usual circumstances.

In small space of your house such as, balcony, terrace or very small backyards, front or patio, you can surly grow your own beautiful floral garden, green house or even you can do organic gardening for your kitchen. Your small space garden would be really beneficial and your creative ability will grow day by day.

“Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are.”- Alfred Austin

Lets have a look on the following small space gardening ways :

Containers :

Planters :

Galvanized Pots :

Fence :

Walls :

Ladders :

Crates/Cartons :

Drums :

Baskets :

Window box :

Buckets :

Vertical Gardens :

Pillars :

Patio :

On the Wall :

Pathway :

Stairs :

Climbers :

Gate :


Hi, I am nature inspired, family oriented foodie person; born to enhance hidden beauties. Arts amaze me and colors fascinate me. Mouth watering aroma of delicious cuisine, smell of cosmetics and perfumes add to my creative abilities. I like instrumental music, KDramas and Thai Lakorns. I love to travel around the world. I found every face beautiful. Just add a pinch of style and rock on the heart throbs. WISH TO BE STYLISH!

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