Hair Bangs and Face Shape

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Variety ! Like William Cowper’s poem ” The Task” (1785) ” variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.”

And I found this element in ” Hair Bangs” too. Yes ! lot of variety and diversity in hairstyle that make you really interesting and attractive on any occasion. a huge variety of long and short hairstyles come to know with different style of bangs. Bangs bring a noticeable, prominent change not to your hairstyle only but also to your personality.

Bangs are also known as ” Fringes”. “Straight across at the front” is the form of most popular hairstyle that add a dramatic look to your appearance. Though bangs occur naturally in many styles of short haircuts but it also goes well with long hair.

Types of Bangs :

There are many types of bangs.

  1. Straight-across/ Full bangs
  2.  Side-swept bangs
  3.  Blunt-cut bangs
  4.  See-through or wispy bangs
  5.  arch or Rounded bangs
  6.  Parted bangs
  7.  Baby bangs
  8.  Brow -skimming bangs
  9.  Choppy bangs

Now a days, it is important to have an awareness about your face shape so that you might get the proper haircut or hair do. as well as in the case of bangs, by choosing the right bangs hair cutting according to your face shape, will surely enhance your styling.

Just need to know exactly about your face shape and take a look on the following, hope you will find the right bang style for you.

Face Shape :

Basic face shapes are oval shape, square shape, heart shape and round shape.

Round Face :

Side-swept bangs or straight blunt bangs look great even in ponytail, buns, braids as well water- fall hairstyles. So easy to manage and you can style them anyway.

Long Square Face :

Long eye- gazing bangs, see through/ wispy bangs or long heavy bangs, adds softness to square face.

Oval face :

This is the more versatile face shape. Though they look good with all bangs but heavy blunt cut is strongly recommended. It flatters oval face and thick textures. Just blow dry them with a round brush.

Heart Face :

Go for long layered side bangs. Longest piece should reach at the top of the cheekbones to create a balance look.

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