Hairstyles for Long Hair

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” Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb thy golden stair.”

Rapunzel; Though it is a traditional fairy tale but it becomes a dream of every girl exist in this world.

” I have got a dream !”

Here, at this point, world of dream encounters the world of reality.

” Heal what has been hurt….. Change the fate’s design …..Save what has been lost…… Bring back what once was mine….”

Long blonde hair has magical healing and restoration powers. A woman with long and healthy hair possessed the same kind of energy to look beautiful and become center of attraction.

” I have magic hair that glows when I sing. “

No doubt, it is a God gifted blessing and this fact is agreeable all around the world of all ages. In this regard, a woman with extraordinary beautiful hair should take care of her hair and protect from dust, germs, smoke, sun rays and pollution so that :

” Let your power shine……”

Hairstyles or hair dos are very important as it is the time to be a versatile. Your hairstyle and how you can carry well your long hair, makes you noticeable. Right hairstyle pays great contribution to your success also.

” It was a magical day, and everything went just as planned.”

As there are many types of hair such as straight, long,thick, wavy, curly, thin, and all these types are not perfect for every hairstyle.

It should be according to your facial shape/ face cut or features as well as your texture also.

Hairdos :

When we talk about hairdos, many classy and creative hairstyles are in fashion.

French, three strands, up dos, waterfall, dutch, twist, braids, bun, bends, ladder, lace, fish tail braids and some other modern western hairstyles for progressive women are also there.

Haircuts :

As far as the haircuts are concerned; today women love steps, layers, bangs, blasts etc.

Hair color :

Change in hair color or dye hair in different shades and techniques are also very popular these days. Full head dye, streaking, highlights and use of colored extensions are thought to be favorite among trend lover women.

So, be kind to yourself and do good to your hair and take full advantage of Nature’s blessing upon you. By selecting the right hairstyle, you can make your dreams come true.

” Best! Day! Ever.”

Hi, I am nature inspired, family oriented foodie person; born to enhance hidden beauties. Arts amaze me and colors fascinate me. Mouth watering aroma of delicious cuisine, smell of cosmetics and perfumes add to my creative abilities. I like instrumental music, KDramas and Thai Lakorns. I love to travel around the world. I found every face beautiful. Just add a pinch of style and rock on the heart throbs. WISH TO BE STYLISH!

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