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top partyHoliday is fun. Holiday party season supposed to be fun with enthusiasm. As air is filled with joy happiness and excitement ,your carefree attitude dynamic looks make this occasion more delightful. So bling it on with glamorous glittering and fabulous flattering shimmering make over. It seems to be “bling-bling” all around.

Holiday planning is all about details. It means “tip to toe” styling is required to become the center of attraction and gathered appreciation. Your hair style and nail color should be as perfect as your confident smile compliments your gorgeous personality and calmness.

Let us have a look on following tips for holiday party makeup:

Season of silver and gold:

shimmer gold eyes

It’s a season of glam and glow actually. Gathering is full of glitter and sparkle. So shimmer and frosted makeup is recommended for this hilarious get-together. Silver and gold are the big deal. Gold is supposed to be warm and silver is cool, but you should apply only one. Silver shades and highlighters look better on fair skin tones while golds flatter darker skin.



  • With sparkly dress, don’t apply sparkly make up, smokey eye makeup is going to be amazing on you.
  • With bold print and colors, keep your makeup natural.

Before we start our makeover, just remember !

  • Focus on just one bold feature for minimal effort and maximum impact.


silver eyes

Add some shimmer and sparkle to the holidays. Shimmer adds drama to your look.But you should avoid using shimmer or highlighters on your forehead ,nose and chin as due to the presence of natural oils there is already need of blotting paper to clean and absorb the excess of “shine”.


base shmr

It is better to choose just one feature to gleam up or two place are enough. You can shimmer your eyelids and your cheek bones at the same time or other than your cheek bones, nose and above each eyelids. Apply shimmer moisturizer on your arm if you are wearing a sleeveless dress. You can also apply this glittered moisturizer on your collar bone ( beauty bone).


sivry smile

Metallic eye shadows are best. Shimmer metallic eye shadows on the inner corners of your eyes gives your eyes bright look and or can also concentrate to the outer corners. Smokey eyes are also looking noticeable and impressive. As far as the eye shades are concerned, dove gray for fair skin, brown and gold for medium skin and shimmery plum and burgundy for darker skin tone looked stunning.

Mascara,Eyeliner & Brows:


Bold eyebrows , thin to medium line of eyeliner, but in case of gunmetal smokey eye makeup you can also smudge your eyeliner. Mascara coats with fine finishing should be there. Natural colors such as brown, black-brown,or gray-black will compliment your makeup.


goldn eyes dark lips

Red, pink,orange and other bold lip colors give you “bold and beautiful” look. If your skin is flawless and you decide to go with nude makeup than apply lip gloss on you lips to enhance your natural beauty with a little dash of glamour. While applying bold colors, use your finger tip to pat on lipstick. If you only use shimmer on your lips, it would be really hot.



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