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Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.” Erma Bombeck.

Decision is up to you !!!

“My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.” Mitch Hedberg

Why pretend? fake plants! fake people! fake life !!!

“Use plants to bring life.” Douglas Wilson

Totally agreed !!!

Surrounded by Nature supposed to be healthy and happy lifestyle. The secret of a fresh environment and colorful interior is hidden in real indoor plants. Plant bring a lot more positive changes around us.

As a strong representative of Nature, plants introduce a natural beauty to our living spaces. They add life to our home and make us feel better. They attract us through their freshness, colors and help us to be relaxed, calmed, focused and lead a peaceful life. Plants tend to increase productivity and creativity, idea generation and problem solving capabilities.

A favorable environment can have a positive effect on the mood of residents. So, in this regard plants can do more than just develop aesthetic sense and taste, they are highly beneficial and there is lot of significant reasons behind to include plants to your interior.

Cleansers :

Plants also help to clean the air we breath. So they make our breathing easier. They act like a small oxygen factories for us.

Purifiers :

Plants purify air and bring happy mind soothing environment to as well as to our home. Patients of high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety and heart diseases must keep plants around them frequently.

Absorbents :

Plants are actually reduce noise; yes ! noise pollution. Their leaves, stem and other parts of them absorb sounds that irritates us and not good for our mental health. They maintain a peaceful atmosphere around us.

Stress Relievers :

Plants reduce stress level and help to maintain better mental health condition. Plants sharpens focus and creativity in this regard, indirectly.

Increase Humidity :

Plants increase humidity, soften the look of overall interior and improved aesthetic sense. Plants add so much visually and serve as functional design catalyst.

there are lots of ways through which we can add plants into our home decor. In other words we can say that we try to get Nature inside our house, a little bit successfully. We can easily freshen our space with indoor plants.

Corner Element :

Use corner shelves to maximize your space. You can also place a single, focal, statement large sized plant in any suitable corner to feel more cozy, fresh and dramatic look.

Entrance Impression :

Display plants inside your home using a contemporary, vintage or any kind of your own specific style and favorite planter. It will enhance the whole impression and longevity of home decor through these fresh and functional, naturalĀ  decoration object.

Wall Planters :

Use wall planters to add greenery to your wall. Bring liveliness to the whole space through fresh plants. It reflects an enchanting element and cheerfulness to the interior.

Kitchen Garden :

Vertical herb garden is strongly recommended for your kitchen to add freshness to the hectic environment and taste to your everyday cuisine.

You can also place a fresh floral plant on the top of kitchen counter to add color. Window sill, behind the wash sink, on the top of refrigerator and kitchen cabinets or hanging planters in the corner or any other space you like; there is a lot more variety of space around you while cooking, baking but keep in view the proper sunlight and fresh air for them.

Hanging Plants :

Hanging plants always increase space and beauty as well. You can use them on walls, passage, corridors, stair hall, living room, kitchen, washrooms, in front of windows or doors. Hanging plants look elegant in everywhere.

Indoor Plants Tips :

Light :

Position plants carefully. Get to know the light in your home simply by observing it. That’s the right way to figure out what plants you can accommodate and where they should live. It can be vary in different plants and conditions.

Avoid placing plants near burning heater or near air conditioning outlets. Plants can die of heat or cold.

Water :

Remember that not only less amount of water is harmful but excess water is also a major cause of dying a plant. Succulents don’t want much water but Fern or other moisture loving plants do best in vaporous rooms like bathroom where they can lap up regular dose of mist.

Containers :

Be selective. The right size pot is a must. A pot should always have a drainage hole in the bottom.

Terra-cotta :

It holds moisture longer; moisture evaporates through terra-cotta which gives a little advantage if you forget watering. You can also use inner glazed saucers placed in the bottom of planters so that they absorbs theĀ  excess amount of water and keep your place clean as well.

Fertilizers :

Feed your plants with small amount of fertilizer. Best one is complete liquid fertilizer in the recommended dose. Read the label and follow the instructions carefully.

Misting :

Misting is also a very useful and beneficial to the plants. It is best to use spray water bottle for this purpose so as to keep your plant full of life and well-toned. Water should be on room temperature.

Ice Cubes :

Place some ice cubes on the top surface of planter and let it melt on soil, it would be of highly beneficial for your plant.



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