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Love is hard. As much as we love somebody, people get bored. People “moved on”. Just imagine, if he or she says “I want to break up” is all your suffering. This is reality. We can only love as somebody is interested.

Ahhh ! Those were my ideas about love before I watched “Winter Sonata” an amazing romantic drama from South Korea. Though it was a worst decision to watch this heart touching drama at night and received a sobbing mess but I must say that now I come to know the new meaning of love; an optimistic approach, a well behaved, descent love with great dignity and honor.

True Love doesn’t need to be perfect,

It’s just need to be everlasting !!!

” Can’t Let Go This Love.”

As drama is written to be performed, the impressive performance of artists over a powerful script makes this act a landmark in the history of romantic dramas.

” If you are really in love, appearances aren’t important. The best house is the one you build in each other’s heart. ” Winter Sonata.

So, I dedicate this article to Winter Sonata, in the honor of ” True Love”.

While watching this awesome drama, I was really impressed by the makeup of Korean women and the hairstyles of Korean men. Here, we are concerned about makeup only so we have to focus on our topic now. I found Korean makeup very unique in the sense of looking natural though apply minimal but skillfully done makeover.

Skin Care Routine :

No doubt, Koreans has flawless, dewy and healthy skin. They look much younger to their age due to their beautiful skin. Their double cleansing ( prep. and pre-cleansing) and ” Ten steps cleansing method” is much popular world wide. Koreans follow their skin care routine very strictly. They strongly believe in skin care. Though apply makeup regularly or on daily basis but they act on “less is more”. You can achieve this kind of makeup look by acquiring flawless, perfect skin first, so cleansing like Koreans is a must before you apply makeup.

Essential Cosmetic Items :

Cushion foundation, Eyeliner, Eyebrow pencil, Lip tint are the most essentials and can be found in every girl’s hand bag.

Just remember that makeup is all about healthy, radiant glow and a hydrating skin care routine which helps to achieve this look.

Cushion Foundation :

Korean don’t like matte finish. They like dewy, healthy look. So, cushion foundation is very easy to apply and easy to carry. Above all it also results best. It gives you non-cakey coverage and hydrates your skin.

Concealer :

full coverage concealer is most necessary to fulfill the required finishing.

Blush :

It would be very minimal and never apply on the top of your cheek bones, but apply horizontal strokes below your cheek bones. Koreans thought it makes you younger and more natural.

Highlighter :

As we talked earlier that matte finishing is out here, so they happily apply highlighter but on certain and specific areas and in a very little amount just to give the skin a natural glow. For example; just a touch on the top of cheek bones.

Eye Shadows :

Only soft and subtle eye shadows required. It would be more better if creamy eye shades to be applied. There is no need of smokey eyes, just simple look is appreciated.

Eyeliner :

deeper, darkest, blackest liquid eyeliner is likeable. Very thin line of eyeliner, just to follow the natural eye shape.
In the end, draw a smooth stroke to create a cat-eye or winged shape effect.

Mascara :

Use black mascara but only on the top lashes, not lower lashes.

Horizontal Eyebrows :

Korean women don’t leave their house without applying sunblock on their face plus without defining their eyebrows always thick and straight-across lines, lacking arches and in horizontal shape. The purpose to soften the arch of eyebrows is to get a youthful look, so you never have to sharpen your eyebrows pencil because there is no distinct or visible line is required. It should be very soft and smooth look.

Lips :

Lipstick should be applied in a manner to create a natural stained look that beautifully enhance any complexion. Just dab it on the center of the lips by using your finger tip. A flattering style is to apply more intense color on the outer portion of the lips and comparatively muted one on the inner part is most appreciated.

Girls also use lip gloss only in the center of the lips and dab a lip color onto it. By using finger tip spread the lip color outwardly to the corners of lips. It gives very natural and youthful look.

Though Korean women tend to focus more on skin care but their minimal makeup is always awesome too.

In the end, I would love to share a quote with you;

” If you’re born with the ability to change someone’s life…… don’t ever waste it.”

Winter sonata makes me feel how to love and to be loved.

Winter Sonata will always stay in my heart.

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