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starting  picYou are lucky that you are going through your fifties. You have reached this age with lots of experience and understanding  of life. As  far as the beauty is concerned, beauty is all about “to be yourself” and how you feel about yourself. Though you can’t reverse the clock, but you can enhance and bring about your best feature with grace and dignity in your personality. so, no need to cover or camouflage or change your looks. Be confident about your fifty.

Extra skin care routine:

extra careThe better your skin, the less makeup you’ll need. Keep your skin well-hydrated, exfoliated and moisturized. Use a creamy moisturizer to remove your makeup before you go to bed. Wear a cream with SPF 30 everyday on your face, hands and neck in rain or shine.


foundationIn winter, there should be creamy foundation and in summer,use tinted moisturizer. The secret of flawless makeup lies in makeup primer. A layer of primer between your moisturizer and foundation gives you best results.


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Eye circles tend to go worse with age. Cover with rich under-eye cream at night and lighter during day. Use pink or peach corrector to cover the dark circles. Apply yellow-based concealer or foundation.

Contouring, Bronzer & Blush:

primer brozerContouring is very useful in this age. Try a gel bronzer to warm and energize your face. Use of contour and blushers should done effectively, it can take years off your face, so highlight the good points. Also use pop of blush on your cheeks.

Eye Makeup:

eyesEye Shadow:

Stay away from dark eye shadows. Use primer before applying eye shadow. Consider making your eyes the focal point of your face. For brown and hazel eyes, golds and browns are gorgeous as are blues. Blue eyes look great in blue-gray, coppers, gold and browns. Darker eyes look fantastic with deep rich shades. While doing your eye makeup, Keep in mind your hair color also. To open up your eyes, keep dark colors to the outer lids of your eyes. Matte eye shadows are most flattering on 50’s.

Eye Brows:

Pulling the eye pencil too far out of the corner of the eye and harsh lines will make the eyes droopy. Don’t arch your eye brows too much. Avoid making thick dark angry looking eye brows. Fill the spaces with with eye pencil or eye shadow. Make sure both sides are even. Just follow natural shape of brows.

Eye Liner:

Water proof eyeliner is better. But you can also use soft eye pencil, try soft cooler eyeliner such as dark sapphire blue, dark chocolate brown or a deeper purple. It will soften your eyes and well-defined.


Use water proof mascara. Curl your lashes but it depends on how your lashes are.


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Your lips seem thinner when you get older. Lip gloss is the best option. A shade or two shades darker than your natural lip color will remain better. A dab of gloss on rosy pink looks fabulous. Avoid too much dark lip color as it ages to everyone.

Remember !

  • Natural is best, don’t overdo your makeup.
  • Blend the colors until it looks natural and just merge into one another.
  • Too much shimmer will age you. Use a subtle touch.
  • Pick the right eyeglasses frames as they can taken ten years off your face.
  • Prevent wrinkles around your eyes by wearing sun-glasses.

happy_2072747bAlways keep in mind that your inner-self reflects your outer beauty.

stay blessed !!!


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