Makeup Colors for Blondes with Blue Eyes

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The mesmerizing beauty of blue eyes is universally accepted. Ocean and sky are the two major sources of inspiration for poets who love Nature or we can say that their love is incomplete without Nature. Also in the case of blue eyed blondes, so many heart touching sayings are there to admire the depth of “deep blue eyes”.

” Why, your eyes are like sapphires sparkling so bright.”

” My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.”

Anna Uhlich.


Instead of your specific eye color, you still have plenty of choices and many options regarding your look. Just pay attention and focus to your individual coloring while selecting your makeup.

  • It is important to find a makeup that works for you.
  • Your makeup should be easy to apply and make you feel beautiful and confident.



As you know about the variety of blue eyed blondes related to skin tones and hair colors, we are going to share with you some useful tips which make you beautiful and help you to choose right makeup colors.

Fair Skin and Light Blonde Hair :

blue eyed blonde

You should stick to light, pastel colors. Blush is very important for this skin type. Colors can be used to highlight naturally light coloring are peach, coral, bubble gum and iridescent pinks.

Avoid bronzer and heavy liquid foundation. Use a light sheer foundation or mineral powder foundation for covering flaws. Lips should be stay light and within the pink color palette, even in the evening.

Medium Skin and Platinum Blonde Hair :


You can play with a variety of colors. Avoid going too light even during the day so that you may not looking washed out. You can use bronzer and look for warm colors to highlight your face such as bronze, copper, dusky pink and plum. You can go for the darker plum or reds for the lips.

Olive Skin and Darker Blonde Hair :

blue eyes

Its a bit of challenging to highlight their features and making their makeup look natural. Instead of using dark colors, opt for lighter warm shades like pale gold, shimmering pink, light plum and apricot. Sweep a shimmery pinkish golden color on the cheeks and keep the lip color light, with a coral or medium pink shade.

Colors to Avoid :

Blue eyed blonde hair with any type of skin tone, avoid forest greens mossy browns, mushroom taupe color. You should also be careful with deep jewel tones such as egg plant, peacock blues and deep reds.


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  1. Hi Nina! I was thrilled to have just stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest! I just read a bunch of your posts, specifically about blonde hair, blued eyed makeup geared towards women in their 40’s. I am VERY fair, in fact 15 yrs ago when I worked for Clinique, they didn’t make a foundation light enough for my skin tone. I was wondering if you could recommend a specific lipstick color (preferably with some staying power) that would compliment my fairer than fair skin, blonde hair and light blue eyes. I’m looking for something that’s more of peachy nude and was hopeful that you may have a favorite that you use on your clients who are similar to me in complexion and age! Thanks so much for your help! xo Keri

    • URBAN DECAY Revolution Lipstick is rich, buttery lipstick at its best—with the signature Urban Decay pigment-rich color you crave. Addictive to apply (and even more addictive to wear), It glides on without dragging or skipping and hugs every curve. Just one swipe gives you a big, gorgeous lay down of color.
      Here are the lipstick specs:
      Revolution Lipstick
      Protest- sheer peachy nude

      Hope that will help.

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