Makeup Mistakes After Age 40

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“Mistakes, obviously, shows us what needs improving. Without mistakes, how would we know that we had to work on?” (Peter Mac William)

feature imageGetting 40 doesn’t mean to quit the makeup. If you’ve never worn makeup before, now is a good time to start. Makeup helps reduce your age. With it, you can easily appear ten years younger.

There are some mistakes you should avoid doing makeup in your 40’s.

  • Whenever purchasing makeup products, the product must be suitable for fine, dry skin.
  • Dark makeup sometimes make you look older.

Foundation: Ways-To-Use-Water-For-Flawless-Makeup-5-700x525

Avoid using rich base creams because they cannot penetrate properly and will outline the wrinkles on older skin.

Avoid anything matte. Moisturize your skin before applying foundation. You need oil-free, moisturizing and good for sensitive skin foundation in a very light amount. Tinted moisturizer is also helpful. Concentrate on one problem ( frackles, brown spots, redness etc) then blend with liquid foundation. Choose slightly warmer tone or a shade deeper than the old one. Too much thick foundation causes wrinkles and lines to stand out rather than be hidden. Look for a light foundation.

  • Mix primer with foundation or tinted moisturizer, it helps your makeup long last.


foundationToo much concealer highlights the under eye circles, wrinkles and lines. Look for a concealer with a light weight texture to blend easily. Use a brush-on highlighter concealer instead of other traditional concealers.

Skip Powder:

cocealerAvoid using too much face powder as it tends to magnify lines in the shine. So, do skip face powder. But sheer translucent powder or mineral powders brighten up your skin, they remain better. Otherwise, you’ll look ten years older. Slight pink or rose tint is best choice to give natural healthy glow to your skin.

  • Avoid using any¬† bronzer cream or powder with an orange tint to it as these products¬† don’t reflect a lot of light, aging you.


4353454534You need a very light touch of blusher, not a deep brush. Forget strokes, just a little amount of blush with round fluffy brush on the temples of your cheeks is enough. But you shouldn’t forget to apply it. Avoid bright colors. Look for a shade that is soft, neutral and sheer.

Eye shadow:

eye makeupSay ‘No’ to creamy eye shadow as it warms up on skin and slips and slides into creases. Powdered eye shadows are good choice and matte are very much wearable without enhancing wrinkles or fine lines. Avoid using vivid colors, bright or glittering eye shadows. These have a tendency to highlight the wrinkles.


Eye makeup woman applying eyeshadow powder

Avoid using black eyeliner as it is too harsh. Switch to the softer shade of brown. Avoid lining lower eye lash line. Apply thin line on upper eye lids. If you would apply thick eyeliner on the upper eyelid, it would make your eye lid look heavier. Keep your eyeliner straight, avoid tugging out at the outer corners of your eyes, this will cause crinkle.


mascaraAvoid using mascara on lower lash line. Avoid using thick mascara on upper eye lashes, you’ll have glued-up the lashes. Keep it very light and minimal or it will age you terribly.

Eye brows:

eye browsChoose a pencil of gel shade that is one or two notches lighter than your natural brow color. Keep brows shaped and defined. Eye brow color fades as we age, so filling in over-plucked spots or fairer hair is a must. A fuller brow is looking youthful. Pencils are also good but gels have long lasting staying power.


applying lipstickAvoid using heavy lip liner as it emphasize the fine lines around your mouth. Use a creamy lip pencil that closely match your lipstick. Overdoing lip liner can look harsh. If your teeth have discolored, avoid using browns and burgundy. Use light lip colors. Less is more here. Apply lipstick with lip brush or with the help of your finger tip, never apply it directly from tube. Look for lip color that offers sun protection and anti aging.

lipstickWe hope, by keeping these precautions in mind, you’ll be able to do best to your makeup and look younger than your age.

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