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Nobody is perfect in this world. But practice makes perfect.Every girl is not a professional makeup artist. We apply different types of makeup in our life. Generally routine makeup is considered here and we are going to talk about our routine makeup mistakes usually found frequently in our make over.

Some common makeup mistakes for beautiful and attractive black women are as follows:

First of all you have to go for high quality brand. There should be no compromise on your beauty. You should avoid sub-standard makeup kits and equipment.

Secondly, be careful in choosing shades and colors according to your skin tone.


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Avoid using too much light makeup, it makes skin chalky.


Avoid putting extra layers of foundation to avoid dewy glowing look at home exfoliate your skin. Keep your skin moisturized.


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Don’t put heavy metals on eye lids. Try vibrant color in the matte eye shadows. Avoid using gold and silver and glittery shades if you are 40 + or under 40. Go for darker colors to more vibrant bright colors.

Eye Liner

Avoid using heavy liner on the bottom eye lid. It will drag down the eye and makes you appear tired. Apply it on top lid and outer corners of the eye.


Eye Brows

Don’t pluck harshly or avoid drawing strong eye pencil outline. Feathery affect is better and looks natural.


Avoid using water proof mascara. It causes your lashes dry, thin and brittle. You should use gentle mascara.


eye bro mstake

Avoid dark outline. Avoid frosty lip color. These colors look little too over the top.



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