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RELAXED !!! Don’t panic. These crucial moments comes to everyone’s life. So, don’t escape, face it. You should dare to go with great confidence¬† and faith for your job interview.

last picAs you know the importance of “first impression” , you can notice the interviewer spending the majority of his time looking at your face. Don’t get nervous. We are here to try to help you look better for your job interview. You should know what to do or what not to do for the situation, makeup-wise.
Be prepared and relaxed:

Relaxation-For-SleepTake your time to prepare and relax. Take deep sleep properly before you go. Then relax yourself and stay away from all other worries. Just focus on your interview. Remember, nobody wants to hire a tired face, lazy and lethargic employee for his office as most people take these elements “contagious”. So, with fresh face, though in less makeup You should look healthy, more competent and eligible. When you feel satisfied about your appearance, you will be able to focus on presenting your qualifications and experience effectively.

Keep these points in your mind:

feature sweat1. Less is more.

2. Don’t experiment.

3. Try classic, sophisticated makeup and hair style.

4. No sweat, use blotting paper to absorb your face oil.

5. You should looked professional, polished and confident, a little bit different personality.

Foundation and Concealer:

Applying-foundationFirst of all, your skin should be properly cleaned. If you are not a regular user of foundation, than avoid using it too much, better to try tinted moisturizer. You need very light coverage. There should be no uneven skin or blemishes seen on your skin. Be sure that it is applied lightly and blended well. Hide your dark eye circles with the help of concealer as it is your best friend.

Eye shadows:
Light and natural colored cream eye shadows are the best. Avoid adding shine.

Eye Brows:
Well-groomed brows showed that you pay attention to details. Try wax brow pencil and also use brow gel keep your eye brows in shape and form.

Smudge it with brush for a softer appearance. Avoid using liquid eyeliner, there is no need of a sharp outline. Dark brown or charcoal black eyeliner gives best results to thicken your upper as well as lower lash lines,

It is the key to looking finished and fabulous in seconds. It makes your eyes looking more awaken. Black or brown colors are perfect. Just two strokes are enough.

Fresh dewy blush gives healthy glow on your face. Pink coral type colors look better. Just a little bit of blush on your cheeks apples and blend it well with your finger tips. Cream blush on cream base and powder blush on powder face is the real formula.


lipstickUse lips scrub one night before your interview. Your lips should not be chapped or dry. Use lip moisturizer or lip balm to make your lips soft and shine naturally. Remember, use lipstick, not gloss. Neutral colors with a hint of pink, brown or coral look great on most people. Don’t go too light as it will wash you out.

Hands and Nails:

nailsYour hands should be neat cleaned and moisturized. Your nails should be foiled. If it is possible for you than go for manicure a day before your interview. Go neutral with your nails. In pastel pinks, pinkish nudes and light pink nail polish, your fingers look long and clean.

Hair Styles:

hairstyleNo messy hair, low pony tail or high top knot in case of long or medium hair will remain better and comfortable. Avoid using sparkly or too much heavy hair accessories. Keep your hair style simple and well-managed.

1. If you are going for a bank job interview or in a corporate sector, than forget red lipstick and smokey eyes. It’s a public dealing kind of job. Dewy skin, a swipe of mascara and a light lips is all you need.

black overall look2. If you are seeking a job at a creative work place, have a little more fun with your face. You can go for bright or bold lips with fresh skin and simple eyes. Avoid adding shine to your makeup.

pink lips overall lookHOPE for the best for your SUCCESS !!!

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