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ofc lookLook good,feel good. Are you looking for the correct makeup for working place? Are you conscious about your looks regarding your job interview because you believe,” first impression is the last impression”. Yes, you should feel good for others as well as for yourself.

Time is always short for working women, only one thing helps you to manage your makeup routine and that is ” practice” as practice makes perfect. In other words, it is in fact everyday makeup for your office or work place. The trick is finding the look that enhance your natural beauty. By applying the following tips, we hope that you should be able to manage your time.



Use light base foundation according to your skin tone, skin type and season. It should be very light, avoid using layers of foundation or thick patches of concealer. Blending is must. You should also avoid applying too much face powder,it creates chalky or fade looking face. Your skin should breathe, don’t block your skin pores for long hours. Your comfort is very important.

Eye shades:


It would be better for you if you to use eye shades in light colors instead of dark, bright colors. Matte eye shades are preferable than glittery or frosted eye shades. Just apply one shade on your eye lid. Pink, peach and very light shades of grays and blues or beige look natural.


mascara ofc

Use light shades of mascara in light amount. One or two coats are enough to give you natural look. Brown shades are best to give your eyes opened affect.

Eye liner:

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Avoid using colored eye liner, because now you are entered in practical life , you are not a teen yet. Again I must say that soft and subtle shades of brown and greys looked fabulous in office environment.



Blush on gives you fresh look. Natural or light pinks are best for this. Just a light dash of blush on your cheeks causes brightness and freshness in day time.



Light shades of pink and peach are best but you can go for darker ones. It depends upon your individual style as style is always unique. For example if you wearing eye glasses,than darker shade of lipstick with light eye makeup creates stronger impact. It is up to your own style,look,your skin tone,eye color and hair cut also.

Remember ! You should always pay attention to your office environment, surrounding and type of your work or job description, so as you feel confident and comfortable. These two factors raise energy and strengthen your mental as well as physical health . Your skin, eyes and smile starts glowing.



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