Meryl Streep

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” Life is moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.” Nia Peeples.

Meryl streep is the best actress of her generation, is particularly known for her versatility in her roles, transformation into the characters and her accent adaptation. The successful journey of winning so many awards and honors are evident of her dedication and passionate behavior towards her profession.

” You can’t have a physical transformation until you have a spiritual transformation.” Cory Booker.

Streep embraces each of her character as a challenge and opportunity for self-transformation. She has a ability to inspire and motivate others through her charismatic personality and elegant sense of style.

Like her acting ability, Streep’s classic beauty look is utterly timeless. Her own personal style is very unique and fabulous. Her awesome fashion choices on different occasions reveals her great taste and understanding of style, trends and fashion. She knows very well what suits on her.

Above all, Meryl Srteep has taught us how to age gracefully.

Make Up :

In Meryl Streep’s opinion ” Women of any age should be able to express themselves with whatever makeup they want, and its not society’s place to tell them what color lipstick they should or shouldn’t wear.” She is truly a woman of her own style.

As far as her makeup style is concerned, these days she wears minimal nude eye makeup with sheer lipstick in either pink, nude or peach and she has done her makeup very gracefully.

Eye Glasses :

She rocks in glasses repeatedly at award shows. Streep look amazing in eye glasses as most of the eye glasses frames compliment her oval shape face. She wears glasses to add an element of statement to her outfits.

Clothing Style :

There is also a unique sense of creativity can be seen in clothing style. She often makes designer’s outfits her own by adding statement accessories like glasses, jewelry and belts.

Streep looks marvelous in sophisticated coats as well as in comfortable though stylish jumpsuits. She knows how to spice up an outfit with different kind of accessories even she is also confident in her theme dressing too. There is a wide range of variety found in dressing.

Hair Style :

Just like her clothing style, she is also versatile in her hair cuts and dos. The texture of her beautiful golden strands and locks allowed flexibility and compatibility to her style.

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