Monsoon Makeup Tips

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How beautiful is the rain ! Everyone has different opinion about rain. When I was a child, I got scared of insects which came around due to heat and humidity in rainy days. Black ants always stayed there to welcome me and were ready to kiss on my feet. I was also afraid of lice when my pony-tailed hair got wet in the rain.

And when I stepped into my teens, then I realized the true meaning of ” fun in the rain” that : ” Being soaked alone is cold……Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure.” (Emily Wing) .

Further more we come to the conclusion : ” If a rain spoils our picnic but saves a farmer’s crop, who are we to say it shouldn’t rain? ” (Tom Barrett)

The rainy season or Monsoon weather usually lasts one or two months. Mostly in South Asian countries, when summer comes to an end, people expecting three to four months long Monsoon. At that time lip smacking monsoon cuisine is also there for lively hearts, to fulfill the cheerful moments.

” Rainy days should be spend at home with a cup of tea and a good book.” ( Bill Watterson)

As there is different opinion about rain, so as the enjoyment level for this enchanting season. So, here I am gonna share some Monsoon makeup tips for you.

Monsoon Makeup Tips :

  • Before applying makeup, cleanse your skin thoroughly. Rub ice cubes so that your makeup stay longer and lower the rate of sweating.
  • Lighter makeup is advisable.
  • Never use foundation. Use powder slightly.
  • Thin eyeliner and water proof mascara is recommended.
  •  Eye shadows should be creamy and are of soft pastel colors. Lighter shades of pink, light brown or beige look fabulous.
  • Semi-matte soft lipsticks remain better for this season. Peach and pink shades with a light touch of sheer gloss reflects lively impression on everybody around you.
  • Blush should be apply in a very less amount, usually avoid it but if you like then choose peach, pink and natural beige or lighter brown shades. Blend well.
  • Don’t ever use eye brow pencil in this weather. Your eye brows should be well plucked and in proper shape.

Monsoon Styling :

  • Rain coats and especially umbrella is highly recommended. Umbrella should be in cheerful colors and eye catching.
  • keep your hairstyle simple and manageable but in a smart way because there is no compromise over enjoyment. It would be better to tie your hair in a messy bun, stylish braid or use any hair accessory, such as colorful hair scarf adds liveliness in this fun weather. Wash your hair daily with mild shampoo.
  • Light weight stone jewelry will surely add color to your overall style.
  • Capri and light cotton fabrics in fresh colors and cheerful prints, like floral or tropical prints and pattern designs make you feel refreshing.
  • Use sandals or sneakers as per your comfort level and choice that suits to your style.
  • Above all, frequent use of water based moisturizer is a must to hydrate your skin.

We can learn and understand so many things and lessons from Nature. One of those lessons is that ” without rain, there would be no rainbow.” So, always think positive so that positive things stayed around us.

                    Happy Rainy Days !!!



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