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Less makeup is considered more attractive now a days. The dewy, fresh, radiant look is suitable to everyone. This kind of makeup enhances your features and highlights your natural beauty. A fresh face is always in style. Though it takes a little bit of time and practice but with the right products and techniques, you can make the most of your natural beauty without wearing too much of makeup.

  • For this purpose, choose a neutral palette for a simple, everyday look. Brown, gold, grey and blue tones are all good choices, depending on your eye color.
  • Avoid adding sparkle, glitter or too much shine to your makeup.

Cleansing and Moisturizing:

Woman applying moisturizer cream on face. Close-up fresh woman face.

First of all, wash your skin with fresh Luke warm water which is best for skin, cold water is also better but avoid hot water as it dries your skin. Use mild face wash or as per your skin type. scrub is also important for your skin. Exfoliate your face with daily with creamy scrub. Use face mask as per your need provided. Face mask softens the skin tissues and tightens the opened pores, and your skin will look fresh and flexibly smooth. Now use moisturizer ( with SPF) as it creates glow and nourished your skin. Your skin is ready for makeup in the next morning. In other words, flawless, perfect “canvas” is ready now.


applying-base-musy-haves-in-summer-bagApply primer on your forehead, nose and chin areas as it provides stable surface and your foundation lasts for long. Now apply concealer to hide dark eye circles. Than apply foundation just to cover blemishes and to create smooth skin. Don’t put layers of foundation. Your foundation should be in less amount but well blended. Now dust powder foundation with dust brush and finally apply bronzer on required areas.


blushFor a very natural, light and everyday look,apply light shades of peach and pink as per your skin tone to give your cheeks healthy and fresh glow.


eyeUse base shadow on your eyes then apply neutral color on whole eye lid. Apply close to your upper eye lash line and blend it towards the outer corners of eyes and crease. Use grey or brown soft eye liner on upper eye lash line in dots and softly smudge it with cotton ball or with the help of your ring finger. Apply two coats of mascara with eye lash curler, it should be in soft gray, brown or charcoal black as per your choice. Eye brows should be strong, bold and well plucked.To make them look in proper shape,use eye brow gel. Feathery strokes looks natural instead of hard line.


lipstickPick a shade that matches your lips exactly. Dab the color with your finger tip and blend it to the corners. After that, apply color gloss to your lips.

overall lookIf it feels good to put some makeup on your face in the morning, forget what everyone else is doing. Keep yourself natural and looking good as you must look professional and more presentable, yet approachable.

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