Makeup tips for working women

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Look good,feel good. Are you looking for the correct makeup for working place? Are you conscious about your looks regarding your job interview because you believe,” first impression is the last impression”. Yes, you should feel good for others as well as for yourself. Time is always short for working women, only one thing helps…

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Nigella Lawson

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A fairy comes to the kitchen, possesses magical powers to win the hearts through her beautiful smile and lovable gestures, her caring attitude and mesmerizing voice. Everybody inspired by her charm. Her presence¬† is like a dewy flower breathing in a fresh air. She has received lots of admiration and appreciation from her viewers and…

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Caramel Party Makeup for Autumn

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Autumn has always been my favorite season. After tired summer afternoons and humidity, when every girl is annoyed by melted mascara and slippery eyeliner, autumn arrival tend to be some relaxation, especially when it comes to makeup. Here, we are talking about caramel makeup for autumn season. This is also a sophisticated party look. ”…

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Makeup Tips for 60 plus

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Sixty is the age of magnetic glow of inner independence and confidence. Being sixty demands you positive aging attitude, focusing on good health, exercise and practicing smart skin care and makeup application. Never try to look ‘younger’, you’ve learn new techniques, tricks and tips regarding your makeup. Looks: Don’t over-emphasize, just focus on freshen up…

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