Candle Decoration

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From the top of the fluffy, creamy, yummy birthday cake, candles brighten the endless series of several cheerful occasions throughout your life. Candles bring light, warmth, relaxation and comfort around you. Candles create an element of liveliness in your surrounding which results in a sense of more enjoyment among family get together. It’s warm glow…

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Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks for Blondes

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14th February……..When everyone pays tribute to love. Its a day to express your feelings and share your dreams to your loved one and expecting lot more in return. “Love celebrations” are common on that day in many ways and in different styles. This article is about the full day makeup looks for beautiful, lovely blondes.…

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Makeup tips for job interview

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RELAXED !!! Don’t panic. These crucial moments comes to everyone’s life. So, don’t escape, face it. You should dare to go with great confidence¬† and faith for your job interview. As you know the importance of “first impression” , you can notice the interviewer spending the majority of his time looking at your face. Don’t…

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