Valentine’s Day makeup for girls with glasses

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Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder; no matter what you wear. But always remember that beauty inspires everyone. And when it comes to you special loved one, you never compromise. Yes, you should not because………everything is fair in love and “be loved” by “beloved”. February 14 is the day of romance, it symbolizes love,…

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Makeup tips for Teachers

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Teaching is a very dedicated profession. A teacher’s performance¬† is always determined by student’s results. A sincere teacher is focused about her or his students. I still remember one of my favorite teacher in primary school wore makeup. She always had matching nail polish to her outfit. She looked different every day. Your students might…

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Smokey Eye Makeup Tips for Walima Bride

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Like other traditional ceremonies of marriage, Walima is also very exciting occasion. It is the last celebration to announce the wedding to the community and friends fromm groom’s family. A huge gathering is expected to attend this blissful function with prayers, hopes and best wishes for newly wed, blessed couple. Usually walima brides prefer light…

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