Party Makeup Tips for Black Women

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Experiments are always exciting and so in case of makeup colors. Girls, these days are not confined to one or two colors. And when we talked about celebrations, every woman love to wear those colors which suit on her best.

soft look

Black women are really lucky in the sense that they possess not only good, attractive features but also have a variety of skin tones. It comprises of olive to dark complexions. Various kind of beauty products are also available in the market for the black skin textured women. By selecting the right kind of makeup products and colors, most suitable to your skin tone, you can achieve an absolute, flawless look.

nice look

  • Just remember first that do not overwhelmed with natural beauty.
  • The makeup should be done in such a way that woman look beautiful naturally, concentrate to enhance your features, never, ever try to “create” new one.
  • Black women should avoid too much glitter as it will tend to look over done.
  • Always avoid white shades.
  • Avoid using too much powdered blush-on otherwise your face will look cakey, just a little bit is enough.

Base :


Choose right foundation, right concealer and right primer according to your skin tone and skin type. It would be better to use yellow based foundation for best results.

Eyeliner :


Apply deep black eyeliner around your eyes. Dark brown, dusky navy and dark grey colors are also perfect.

Blush-on :

blush on

Dusky peach will brighten up the face while dusky pink will freshen up and warm your skin. Burgundies and coral shades are also appropriate to your skin tone.

Lipstick :

purple lipstick

Use lip primer first so that your lipstick stay longer. Make an outline with the same color or a shade darker as that of your lipstick. Blend well with lip brush. Reds, pinks and browns are gorgeous for you but plum, apricot, black cherry, crimson and lavender are also there to welcome you.

Apply lighter lip gloss on these shades.

go for party

Hope, you would like to achieve amazing results by applying these useful tips and become the most eye-catching person in the celebrations.


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  1. Hi my name is Sabrina Warren and I just wanted to drop you a quick note here instead of calling you. I came to your Party Makeup Tips for Black Women.

  2. Hi this is Polly I love lip stick, only thing I ever known how to put on. But as I were reading your blog, I’m not sure I know how to put that on.But I’ve been told I have Beautiful skin, and I truly thank My God for that, and I never leave out my Dear Parent’s for the gift of beautiful skin. But I do not know how to put on makeup, and I’m in my early 60.

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