Pink Smokey Eye Makeup for Engagement

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start picEngagement is a beautiful start. It is a solid commitment for the wedding. Engagement is a universal ritual celebrated world wide. It is the first step of getting married. In other words, it is a ceremony before marriage.

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Engagement is known by  different names in South Asia such as “mangni” or “sagai” and ring ceremony as well.


It is  not just exchange of rings, its actually exchange of hearts, dreams, feelings, wishes and prayers from both sides of family members, relatives and friends. That lucky girl and boy become “Fiance” of each other.

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Engagement is an important event celebrated before the marriage with full preparation and enthusiasm. There is lot of difference between engagement and wedding makeup.

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A special type of makeup is recommended:


  • The makeup for this occasion should be soft, sweet yet attractive.
  • Don’t ever forget complexion, society customs and civilization.
  • Makeup should be done according to color matching, personality figures, dress matching and jewelry.

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Like any other type of makeup, eye makeup is of great importance in engagement makeup also. Here, I am going to share with you pink smokey eye makeup as pink is girl’s all time favorite color.

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Just keep remember following:

  • The patting motion will help to apply the color uniformly.
  • Use a blending brush softly into the crease, it will give a soft smokey effect.
  • Blending of two shades is a must. It should be smudge perfectly and seamlessly into each other.

Pink with Shimmer :

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  1. First of all, use concealer to cover up your dark eye circles. It is better to use eye primer to make your eye makeup stable for long hours.
  2. Apply shimmer or champagne color on entire eyelid , not to go beyond the lid area.
  3. Pick up bright pink metallic finish eye shadow for the outer corner of your eyelid and just little above the crease area
  4. Apply the same pink eye shadow on lower lash line to give the whole look smokey and balanced.
  5. Apply thick line of kohl. You can use gel or liquid eye liner as per your own choice. It creates maximum color intensity. To create more dramatic look, you can apply it in winged shape.
  6. Apply mascara neatly and finely to complement your eye makeup.
  7. Eye brows should be in proper form and of same color as you eye liner and mascara.

Hot Pink Smokey Eyes :

dramatic purple

To do this stunning pink smokey eye makeup, first apply silver eye shadow at the inner corners of your eyes. Then apply hot pink eye shadow followed by black at the outer corners of the eyes. Now apply black eye liner at the upper and lower eye lids. Finish the look with mascara.

Pink in Matte :

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  1. Prime your eyelids with an eye shadow liner, use lavender or light pink matte eye shadow base that our first eye stick on the eyelid a better lot.
  2. Take a light pink matte eye shadow and place on the whole lid on lavender eye shadow.
  3. Then take a medium pink matte eye shadow and apply that on the crease of eye.
  4. Now take a minimum white rose eye shadow and place this right under your eye brows.
  5. You can also apply fuchsia pink eye shadow on your crease to darken them even more, to give dramatic look if you like.
  6. Apply eye liner, mascara and eye pencil a little bit.

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CONGRATULATIONS !!! on your engagement ! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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Beautiful days are soon to come

When two lives become one

Content, bliss and happiness too

A very engagement day to YOU.


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