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cvrThe Color Purple :

Purple is such a beautiful color that remains always in the world of fashion and style. Even in the rein of cosmetics, purple stands with its specific dignity and has a distinct and remarkable existence that fascinates everybody, everywhere.

Purple is the color most often associated with royalty, magic, mystery and piety.

Shades of Purple :

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Purple possesses various shades and hues and each of them has its peculiar properties and effects. Such as mauve, lilac, violet, royal purple, mountain majesty, amethyst, lavender, magenta, orchid, pastel purple, grape and electric purple.

You can look fabulous in many shades ranging from soft tones, for example lavender to warm electric violet.

Eye Color :

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Generally, purple works well with a number of eye color such as hazel, green and brown. It will certainly makes your eyes look exceptional and expressive.

Skin Tone :

beautiful purple

Deep purple and lavender eye shadow color is good for almost every skin complexion.

Let’s START !

  • It would be better to use oil-free moisturizer for your whole face for better results and finishing.
  • Use eye shadow primer first, as it proves the right base for your eye makeup and gives stability for hours.
  • Apply lightest eye shadow shade first.
  • Now come to medium colored eye shadow.
  • Now darkest purple shade of eye shadow.
  • For final finishing, apply eye liner, mascara and highlight your eye brows well.


purple eye brown

  • Stay away with red undertones. Use with brown or deep purple with blue tinge.
  • Use soft pink, subtle shades for lips and cheeks in case of cool undertones.
  • Use peach pink blush for warm undertones.
  • Apply various shades of purple skillfully and blend well is the key to success.
  • Use best quality and right brushes to acquire the required result.

purple fancy look

Purple is a great eye shadow to try. A deep purple smokey eye never goes out of style. Here we introduced you two different kinds of purple smokey eye makeup looks to make you look gorgeous.

  1. Matte Smokey Purple Eye Makeup :

purple smokey eyes

You can easily achieve a marvelous and flattering look by using velvety matte eye shadows. This is the most wearable look.

  • After using eye shadow primer, pat a matte white eye shadow on your brows bone.
  • Apply light taupe brown shade on crease in a circular motion to soften the line and blend well.
  • Pat with matte eye shadow onto your inner corner.
  • Pat a matte, blackened purple shade all over the lid.
  • Use matte navy eye shadow at outer corner, blending inwards and into your crease.
  • Drag the matte purple along your lower lash line.
  • Now come to the black kohl liner and line the inner rim of your eye.
  • Use liquid black eye liner to create a winged shape.
  • Apply mascara with the help of eye lash curler on your top and bottom lashes.

purple 4

2. Glittery Smokey Purple Eye Makeup :

gliter purple

Party season is always on. Festive, glittery purple smokey eyes is great for prom as well as fun clubbing out on the town look. This  soft, wearable smokey look can be worn with western as well as ethnic wear.

Gold with Purple :


By using gold with purple, you will create a magnificent look. This deep purple look is so elegant so that, it would look pretty in the Fall.

Shimmer with Purple :

purple with shimmer

Shimmery purple and black smokey eyes work surprisingly well.

Looking to be more adventurous with your eye makeup, try this incredible purple smokey eye makeup.

  • Apply black gel on upper lash line and smudge upwards using a flat brush.
  • Apply plumy brown eye shadow in crease and outer corner. Blend the shade in the crease using fluffy brush.
  • Now apply champagne gold shade on inner corner and inner one-fourth of lid.
  • Frosty purple eye shadow should be at the center of the lid.
  • Add more plummy brown eye shadow at the outer corner and blend the shades using fluffy brush.
  • Highlight  brow bone using a golden gel eyeliner.
  • Use matte plummy brown eye shadow on lower lash line.
  • Finish off with mascara.
  • Pair this eye makeup with neutral pink blush.
  • Dusky rose pink lipstick will compliment the purple smokey eyes well.

purple with pink lips

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