Sweat Proof makeup tips for outdoor working women

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A women is the symbol of patience. Family comes first for her. Working outdoor is the toughest job for her but she has to meet the target date to complete the given task just for the sake of her lover ones. No matter how unpleasant the weather is. To stay fresh-faced even when the sun is at its peak, try following sweat proof makeup tips before you go outdoor for your work.

Remember always!

  • The more you put on your face, the more you sweat. So, go light.
  • Your skin temperature should be completely cool before applying makeup.


moisturizerLess is more. The heavier the moisturizer, the more you are going to sweat. Same rule apply for Foundation. Look for a sheer-coverage product.


primerPrimer is your best friend. It holds your Foundation. First, apply moisturizer (SPF) than apply primer, now go for Foundation. Rub face primer onto your forehead, nose and chin to keep it from shining throughout the day.

  • In a pinch, use milk of magnesia as a primer for oil free, matte skin.


bloting2Skip the face powder, as it creates a chalky look and enhance fine lines and wrinkles. Set your makeup with mineral powder that will keep the makeup smooth and stable and absorb oil. Blotting powder results best for this purpose. You can also use blotting paper after applying BB cream to absorb excess oil on your face.

Eye shadows:

Prime your eyes too. Use cream based eye color that can wear a prime too. Look for softer colors. Stay away from smokey eyes.


Use liquid waterproof eyeliner and wax brow pencil to stay longer and secure.


Water proof mascara is the best.


Switch to cream blushes. Stay away from dark blushes, it should be in light and soft colors.


Lip gloss ( SPF) remains comfortable and stay fresh for long.

  • Spritz your face with makeup setting spray before and after applying makeup to keep it from melting off.

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