Thai Traditional Makeup

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From  the ” Land of Smiles” , the ” Wai” , a versatile heartwarming greeting is looking forward to welcome you with all its gratitude.

Thailand is such a unique country where the most important values that people hold are respect, self-control and non-confrontational attitude. ” Jai yen yen” ( cool heart) instead of ” Jai Rawan” ( hot heart) is the common practice of Thai people. A phrase ” Mai Per Rai” ( never mind) is frequently spoken by curtious people everywhere in Thailand.

Thai culture is deeply influenced by religion and family is the central to Thai life. So they love their traditions very well and held their ritual and traditional ceremonies with immense pleasure and joy. Their dresses on those occasions are very sophisticated and attractive though a particular auspicious color is associated with each day of the week too; Mondays ( yellow) , Tuesday ( Pink) , Friday ( Light Blue).

Thai people are very passionate towards their culture. They arrange their ceremonies with great enthusiasm. Lets have a look on traditional Thai makeover :

Traditional Thai makeup is radiant, glowing even applied neutral and natural tones. Mainly focused on eyes, especially false eye lashes that complete the whole look.

  1. Thai dresses are vibrant and sometimes beautifully embroidered so fresh and neutral makeup compliments well with this traditional and formal attire.
  2. Thai traditional makeup is supposed to be very decent and sober with natural light pink hues. No bold shades required here.
  3. First of all, flawless complexion is a must.
  4. Beige, rosy pink and lighter shades of earthy browns are to be needed.
  5. Earthy brown smokey eyes with false eye lashes will enhance the overall traditional look.
  6. Rosy pink blush that blends well is recommended.
  7. Lipstick should be in nude shades such as lighter shades of beige or light rosewood with a touch of lip gloss that adds extra shine is preferred.

In the “Land of Smiles” , the sense of humor and ” Joi de Vivre” captured in ” Sanuk” is central to the Thai way of life. It is actually a kind of spontaneous and joyful meeting with someone on the street with lot of playfulness and humor.

                                                                                             ENJOY !!!

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