Smokey Eye Makeup Tips for Walima Bride

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Like other traditional ceremonies of marriage, Walima is also very exciting occasion. It is the last celebration to announce the wedding to the community and friends fromm groom’s family. A huge gathering is expected to attend this blissful function with prayers, hopes and best wishes for newly wed, blessed couple.

in green

Usually walima brides prefer light colors with sober and decent makeover. Mostly light colors are adopted to wear on walima to set the difference between ‘baraat’ and walima reception. Walima dress and makeup is to be lighter then ‘baraat’ outfits and heavier then ‘mehndi’ dress.

sober tea pink

Use of light gray, tea pink, off white, dim orange, sea green, sky blue, baby pink, lilac and many more soft colors are keenly worn by walima brides.

walima bride in light color

Gray Dress :

Gray is a very demanding color among brides these days. Gray is elegant and royal color and its different shades make it most famous.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips:

A beautiful bride

Smokey Eyes always look classic and dramatic. Smokey eyes add a bit of sophisticated drama to your look.

graceful gray

Here, we are going to share few tips regarding metallic gray silver glitter smokey eyes makeup.

gray glitter

  1. For Brown Eyes : shades of navy and gray smokey eye makeup.
  2. For Blue Eyes : gold and copper smokey eye makeup.
  3. For Green Eyes : gray and plum smokey eye makeup.

gray is beautiful

  • The classic smokey eye makeup is created with black or gray but bronze and brown are also commonly used.
  • Best blending ability is required to achieve a great smokey effect successfully.
  • A smokey eye shouldn’t have any harsh line. Using a smudge brush, lightly smudge the shadow at the crease and along bottom lashes. Domed eye shadow brush, which is round at the top is also best.
  • Be sure to have concealer and eye shadow primer to prep your lids before applying smokey eye makeup.
  • You will need at least three shades of eye shadow of similar hue.
  1. a light, creamy color.
  2. medium base color.
  3. dark smokey color.

You may also consider following !

smokey grey with purple eye makeup

  1. For Hazel Eyes : brown and beige shadow with black eye liner.
  2. For Blue Eyes : gray and white shadow with navy eye liner.
  3. For Brown eyes : navy and beige shadow with brown or black eye liner.
  4. For Green Eyes : green and gold shadow with brown eye liner.

smokey grey eye makeup

  • Make sure that your lash line is the darkest part of your eye lid. If necessary, apply a bit more of your darker color directly to your lash line as you blend upwards.
  • Cream and liquid eye liners give a very smooth finish while a pencil eye liner gives a soft blended look.
  • Apply a pale silver powder to the inner corners of your eyes and to lighten the over all effect. You can apply a pearl hue for fair to medium skin tone
  • Your eye brows should be well-shaped and colored. Remember that too thin or light eye brows will make your smokey look too dark and unnatural.
  • Carefully apply mascara. Add no more than two coats to avoid clumps and an unnatural appearance.


hands in hands

You’d be holding each others hands for a lifetime. Take care of each other and enjoy this sweet journey.

walima cake

Wish you a very happy married life !



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