Valentine’s Day makeup for girls with glasses

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getleman.with.the.roseBeauty lies in the eyes of beholder; no matter what you wear. But always remember that beauty inspires everyone. And when it comes to you special loved one, you never compromise. Yes, you should not because………everything is fair in love and “be loved” by “beloved”.

February 14 is the day of romance, it symbolizes love, appreciation and affection. Valentine’s day is the one special day dedicated to the most precious person in the world, without whom you can’t live as in Rafael Ortiz’s words “love is not finding someone to live with; its finding someone you can’t live without.” Its the day of two hearts united in one soul.

In case of those girls who wear eye glasses, it sounds a little bit conscious. But you will also be looking sweet and striking on this lovely day. Just remember its always a fun season for you also, to experiment with a new style. We are introducing you two different valentine’s look.

2 lipstcsFirst Look ( Soft eye makeup with pink lips):

Blue eyed woman with glasses

After applying your base makeup that is foundation, concealer, moisturizer etc, follow these simple steps:

Take one shade in neutral eye shadow of your choice and apply it on upper eye lid. Then add shimmer to give your eyes an open and widen effect. Gold-toned brown eyeliner would be best. Apply mascara lightly, just one or two coats are enough. For night party, apply bronzer on your forehead top, below cheek bones and lightly underneath your jaw line. Apply bright rosy pink blush or apricot shade as per your choice. Apply pinkish nude lip color and add bright pink lip gloss.

pink meet

Second Look ( winged eyeliner with bold red lips):

red 2

Its basically vintage inspired look. Red supposed to be the real color of love and so is valentine’s day. After following the above said steps relater to base or foundation, use metallic eye shadow in lighter colors such as copper and apply wing shaped eyeliner in black color. Red lip color will look vibrant in cold winter snow and warm heartily environment.


In the end, I would like to share one of my favorite love quotes here:
“Love would never be a promise of a rose garden unless it is showered with light of faith, water of insincerity and air of passion.”

couple end pic

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