Vintage Tea Party Makeup

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vintage+partyParty meant to be a cheerful gathering. It is the best way to bring the people closer to each other. A ‘party person’ always remains popular and becomes favorite among fellows. Parties are a great and effective source of socializing. Social activities grow faster day by day and everybody wants to expand their social circle.

vintage partyHere we are talking about a sophisticated vintage tea party. You must indulge in a wonderful atmosphere where glamour meets delight. This is in fact, fun and fabulous activity.It is a beautiful way to fill an afternoon plus its an ideal choice for an evening look. So, get ready to be glam up in style and be courteous to your guests so that they will have a memorable experience.

Guest vtge

So, come and feel yourself the center of attraction on this vintage tea party occasion. This classically gorgeous makeup is perfect for a party and I hope, you’ll enjoy it.

First of all, you have to focus on following elements:

Flawless Complexion:

complexionIf you want to create a flawless complexion, use liquid foundation. you should hide your uneven skin tone properly. for this purpose, use concealer as required. If you have problem free skin than take advantage and go lighter than darker.

Bold Eyebrows:

vintage 1 blackEyebrows will really”frame” your face. Be sure your eyebrows are bold and shaped  beautifully. Eye shadow should be in neutral tone. Use black or dark brown eye liner as per your own choice or demand of look or style.

pure vitge spot

  • Never forget to apply mascara on your curled lashes.
  • Dab some blush onto the apples of your cheeks.With the tip of a dark pencil eye liner, you can create a beauty spot on your face where you like the most.
  • Finish off the vintage look with pressed or loose powder to hold the makeup tightly.

Red Lips:

lips plus eye vntgeYour lips should be moisturized before applying lipstick. Use red pencil lip liner to make outline and shape of lips you desire. Fill with ruby red lip color blend with outline. In the end, blot it to get rid of excess color and you’ll find smooth finishing.

half face vntge

Now you become a glamorous creature. You can go darker and heavier the more the day goes on into evening.

Hopefully, this made your day even more better because;

“Where there’s a tea, there’s a hope”. Arthur Wing.


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