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Walls are the most visited sight of a house. That is why you will find numerous way to decorate a wall with a huge variety of decorative accessories.

As far as the home interior is concerned, wall clock, mirrors, wall hangings, photo frames, wall stickers, plants and wallpapers are also there.

Here, we talk about the role of a wall paper in home decor.

Wallpapers bring a lot of excitement into the home interior.

Though it has been used for the purpose of home decor for a very long time but these days, it becomes a trend and fashion as it can easily give your room a refreshing and up to date impression.

It’s aesthetic element adds more visual interest and can help warmth and depth to a room.

A wide range of patterns, designs, colors and textures are available in various scales from small to medium to large to suit any space.

It’s most common benefit to of using wallpaper is not just its huge variety but also its endless options of decoration.

According to the requirement of decoration, you can place it on boarders or can use it on the whole wall.

Wallpaper is the easiest and the least expensive way to transform a space without applying too much elements.

Wallpapers add longevity and durability to your wall. If you are satisfied with the color scheme or you are not willing to change than it will remain in place for 10-15 years easily. So, in this regard wallpaper is durable than wall paints.

But also keep in mind that wallpapers can hardly survive in bathrooms and kitchens. Humid related elements can unglued the wallpaper that is why I would never suggest it for the above said spaces.

Wallpaper also hides the blemishes in the wall plasters. Wallpaper can easily coverup imperfections, damages, cracked and uneven surface too.

Wallpapers are easily washable and cleanable. Wallpaper can be lightly cleaned by a moist sponge or damp cloth and a simple detergent solution to get rid of common  household marks, stained and dirt.

Wallpapers are not only cost effective and fashionable, it also reflects your aesthetic sense and  show off your personality also.


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