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God creates butterflies to sooth our aesthetic sense. no doubt, it is the most gorgeous creature of Nature and a pretty gift.

Butterflies always remain a symbol of joy, elegance, femininity, delicacy and purity for me. It is a great source of inspiration also.

Literature, poetry, music, interior designing and in the world of fashion and glamour, butterfly has been always influential.

“Just living is not enough,” said a butterfly, “One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” (Hans Christian Andersen)

Butterflies are often portrayed as the essence of Nature and representing freedom, beauty and peace.

Butterflies are born to grace our gardens. That is why they are environmental friendly and are part of our natural heritage.

Cultural Value :

  • To Native Americans, the butterfly is a symbol of change, joy and color. It is also known as symbol of endurance, change, hope and life. “Change” symbolizes new life from an old one.
  • In China, it was used as a symbol of conjugal bliss and joy as well as a symbol for long life.
  • In the Japanese culture, butterflies are thought to be representatives of young maidens.
  • In Irish culture, it symbolizes a state of naturalness and chastity.
  • In Russia, it represents soul.
  • In many other cultures butterfly is also considered to bring luck.

Homeland of Butterflies :

Garden is a homeland of butterflies. Butterflies and flowers are made for each other. Butterflies also serve as flower pollinators. Even a small space garden or small area yard can enjoy the blissful presence and aesthetic pleasure that butterflies can bring.

So, to attract butterflies to your garden you need to focus on the following tasks:

Wishlist :

Butterflies wish list includes sunny open spaces, shelter from wind and fresh water.

Food :

All creatures require food and shelter to survive. What butterflies want most of life is ‘nectar’. To reside butterflies in your garden, it is best to include food source in the form of nectar plants for butterflies.

Nectar Plants :

Nectar plants for butterflies include Joe-pye weed, iron weed, yellow corn flowers, golden rod and brightly-hued asters are nector-filled favorites.

Place the same type of nectar plants together in blocks. Plants should be well watered and keep in mind the season.

Many nectar plants are ideal for container planting also.

Commercially Prepared Butterfly Nectar :

This is actually butterfly supplement food, gives them sodium and protein, not just the pure sugar water that sometimes butterflies drink exclusively.

Sugar Water Recipe for Butterflies :

However to prepare sugar water for butterflies, mix one part of sugar to four parts of water. An over ripe banana or a melon rind will also do the trick. In late summer, butterflies such as Red Admiral and Patient Lady will feed on fruit juices in fallen over-ripe pears, plums and apples so leave fallen fruits under fruit trees.

Butterfly Feeders :

Butterfly feeders usually come in bright red and yellow colors because these colors including blue are butterfly’s most favorite and attract butterflies most.

Remember that, long day spend migration or just flitting around the garden can make a butterfly thirsty, so make sure you offer them something to drink.

Cuddling :

Butterflies like to rest on wet sand to absorb moisturizers and minerals from it. Put a little bit of water into a shallow bowl, not too much that they can drown in it, just enough to sand is wet. They will puddle in it joyfully.

Sunbath :

Invite them to sunbath. Butterflies like to warm themselves in the sun. for this purpose create a few perches out of the wind; chances are you will also see them resting on a sunny rock or on top of a fence.

Butterflies even like flowers with a landing pad because they like to sit where they eat.

Caterpillars and Host Plants :

It is essential to grow host plants in your garden where they lay eggs. These host plants will serve as food for developing caterpillars. Plants like violets, milkweed and asters are their most favorite food.

Wild peach is perfect for smaller gardens. It is an evergreen tree. Use it as a host plant.

Other Tips :

  • Ditch the pesticides and avoid insecticides; they kill butterflies or ladybirds.
  • Grow native plants. keep in mind their right colors, season and diversity of flowers in land.
  • Plant the right milkweeds.

Remember that butterflies visit any garden, however small, if they can feed from suitable nectar plants and a well thought out garden. So, get ready to welcome these colorful winged creature to grace your garden.



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